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Top 5 Tips to Help You Prevent Data Theft


Information security nowadays is a competition between technology, cunning attack strategies, and the search for practical physical security solutions. Cyberattacks and ransomware are not the only hazards that businesses nowadays must deal with. Too frequently, a business assumes that its data is backed up when it isn’t. All of these could have disastrous effects on a business.

Around 25% of firms are currently affected by data breaches and fraud, which results in an average loss of $38,000. Hence, this undermines consumer confidence and forces companies into bankruptcy. You must be knowledgeable about fundamental security procedures to reduce your risk and protect your data.

Let’s examine the crucial physical security precautions that any company should think about taking to stop data theft.

5 Vital Physical Security Measures

1. Protected Access

Primarily, access control procedures are the main safeguards against data loss or theft. This will stop visitors, vendors, and strangers from getting access to tools or information they otherwise should not.

Several methods for preventing the public or strangers from accessing sensitive company data include biometrics, proximity cards, or card swipes. Furthermore, they offer an audit trail that, in the event of an assault, can be used to follow the attacker’s movements.

2. Keep Your Server Rooms Secure

Never leave your server rooms unlocked, second. Think of your company’s server rooms as its treasure trove. Here are some guidelines to assist you in protecting your server room.

Make sure to minimize the visibility of the server room. Don’t post signs that read, “Confidential, sensitive, and expensive equipment kept here, etc.” for instance.

Make sure server rooms have high, fireproof ceilings and no more than a few windows.

Only the designated authority should have access to the “server room and physical networks”. Change the lock right away if there is any uncertainty or a breach and take all necessary security precautions.

To further reinforce your server room security, employ window bars, anti-theft cabling, motion detectors, and magnetic key cards. safeguard your equipment

3. Always Make Backups

Regularly backing up vital data is essential. Don’t forget, though, that information is stored on these backup tapes, discs, pen drives, etc.

Keeping these backups adjacent to the server in the server room is one approach to safeguard them. Another option would be to safeguard them and keep them off-site. Prevention is preferable to treatment. Consequently, use the greatest caution to store the backups in the safest location imaginable. and stop data breaches and theft from occurring.

4. Teach Your Staff the Best Security Procedures

According to the Ponemon analysis, workers account for 48% of all events and are the primary cause of data breaches in small and midsize firms. In the end, making sure that your workforce takes security seriously is one of the most crucial things you can do for your physical security.

One of the most crucial things you can do to reduce the likelihood of data theft is employee education. Provide staff with frequent, required awareness training on the security dangers they confront daily. The focus of these meetings should be on the value of strong physical security measures and the steps participants may take to assist in securing the company.

5. Employ Rackmount Servers

Servers mounted on racks are simple to store and protect. They are compact, lightweight, and simple to lock into closed racks. In the event of multiple servers, they can even be anchored to the floor. Hence, it would be impossible to transfer the complete box and it would be less likely to be stolen.

Final Thoughts

According to recent studies, up to 60% of workers are susceptible to phishing or social engineering fraud. And there is no indication that the attacks will stop.

Are you and your company ready to combat the rising data theft and cyberattacks?

Any location can become secure with the proper preparation and physical security measures in place. Primarily, any organization’s most valuable resource is its people’s capital. And the next efficient strategy to reduce dangers is to receive the proper training and education regarding the significance of physical security measures.

Keep in mind that physical security precedes any network security. You must be vigilant, create a human security system, and make sure that physical security measures are put in place throughout the firm.

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Image Courtesy: Pexels

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