Monday, November 29, 2021 | 10:55 pm
Tags Data Security

Tag: Data Security

German Regulators Bans Facebook from Processing WhatsApp User Data

The decision follows emergency proceedings after WhatsApp required users to consent to new terms or stop using the service.

Prepare Your School Network for What Comes Next, Securely

To help you protect your school networks, we’ve put together a guide and a network readiness checklist to help you understand how you can keep your school network safe.

Twitter to Appoint Representative to Turkey

After Twitter's move, there is no social media network failing to appoint a representative except Pinterest, he noted.

10 Big Data Mistakes Businesses Must Avoid

Embracing big data and analytics strategy can also bring confusion. How?  Data is an essential asset in modern-day business, irrespective of a large MNCs or...

Explore the Security Benefits of Oracle Autonomous Database

Read our white paper to explore the major data security concerns and how Oracle autonomous database technology can help you deal with them.

Top 7 Data Breaches of 2020 Post Covid-19 (Elite Companies)

Every now and then, you hear some big company losing valuable data accidentally or from a potential cyberattack. So, has there been major data...

What to Expect from a Great Customer Identity and Access Management Solution?

Read our white paper to explore what an ideal Customer Identity and Access Management solution look like along with its top 4 evaluation criteria.

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