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What is Intent-Based Marketing?

Discover high-intent accounts that are ready for engagement right from the start. Predict the next move of your prospective customers and know their intent with our services that will help you position yourself better for a sale. Uncover the accounts that are ready-to-buy with state-of-the-art metrics and analytical tools and hone in on your ideal customer type.

Target high-intent accounts

Zero in-the-hot leads from high-quality data with accurate and updated information on target accounts. This helps you to concentrate your marketing efforts on best-fit accounts that are most likely to convert. But the problem is 67% of B2B consumers are already halfway through the buyer’s journey before they engage with sales. So, for the most part, B2B intent remains hidden. The real challenge for a marketer is to uncover high-intent accounts to maximize his sales opportunities.

Our Offerings:

  • Monitoring of online activities to target prospects displaying intent signals
  • Collating 1st party, 2nd party, and 3rd party data sources to identify high intent prospects
  • Predictive analytics to narrow down the main list of intent accounts
  • Dedicated ad campaigns for defining your target account list
  • Paid ad programs and media kits on search intent data

Score the leads

We match the needs of the account and tailor their CX accordingly. Using the metrics get an idea of which leads have a better chance of converting and curate their “Customer Experience” accordingly. Get a rating for your leads and focus on the high intent ones for better conversions.

Our Offerings:

  • Actionable insights on buying intent when prospects are actively researching
  • Digital footprints tracking what content prospects are consuming and engaging with
  • Personalized resources to match what accounts are already looking for
  • Predictive analytics for maintaining a meaningful relationship with prospects based on a behavioral history
  • Intent data based on the lead’s current place in the sales funnel

Buying signals

We help you engage early in the customer journey leads to better chances of keeping the conversation going and effective follow-ups increase the chances of conversion. Sending out interactive media with personalized messages leads to better trust between the firm and the prospective customers.

Our Offerings:

  • Engagement marketing to keep the conversation going with paid social media campaigns
  • Personalized messages embodied in marketing automation platforms to improve conversations
  • Visual aids and asynchronous videos to make impressive pitches and proposals
  • Effective follow-ups to keep prospects warm and increase chances of conversion
  • Interactive videos with analytics for enabling better interactive experiences


Accelerate the conversion process for business transformation. Using ICP, buyer persona, stages in the sales funnels, and qualification scores make sound decisions to drive better conversion amongst qualified leads.

Our Offerings:

  • Prosects and accounts prioritization of high-quality intent with higher buying propensity
  • Enrichment of accounts data collection so that can be integrated with your marketing platforms
  • Sales collaterals to answer customer’s objections and threats with personalized campaigns
  • Complete visibility on ICP, buyer persona, journey stages in the sales funnel and qualification scores
  • Outreach all customer queries with customized messaging to accelerate conversions