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7 Best Voice Controlled Home Automation Systems


The day when controlling your surroundings required pressing a button is long gone. Today, you may use your voice to operate a wide variety of household devices and appliances. A home hub like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant is usually necessary for voice-activated technology systems. In the era of cloud architecture, more businesses are increasingly adopting IoT systems. The integration of voice control in home appliances is the future. 

Here are 7 best home automation systems with voice controls.

1. Smart TVs 

Did you know that now you can do much more on your TV than just binge-watch your favorite shows and movies? Some TVs of brands like LG, Sony, and Samsung among many others work seamlessly with Alexa to make voice-controlled TV simple. You can change channels, adjust the volume and browse channels just with voice commands. Don’t know what channel your program is on? Just ask and the TV will find it for you. And, you can also view photos, play games or search the internet, all from your TV.  

2. Smart Home Lighting 

Home lighting automation systems are capable of much more than just turning on and off the lights. You may create many lighting situations with the Philips Hue system, including soft lighting to help you wake up and relax, bright lighting for working, and even various colored ambiances depending on your mood. It permits security lighting, outdoor illumination, inside entertainment, and special lighting setups for various spaces, such as the kitchen and the bedroom. 

3. Smart Refrigerators  

Who would have guessed a refrigerator could be used for so much more than just preserving food? However, Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator has far more functionality and can be voice-activated using the SmartThings app. Even when you’re in the grocery store, you can see exactly what’s inside thanks to the inside camera, and the fridge can also assist with meal planning and grocery shopping. Additionally, this smart fridge can maintain family routines thanks to speech recognition technology that allows for customized notifications! Additionally, you may play music, share images on the door display, leave a note, and do much more with your Samsung refrigerator.  

4. Smart Door Locks 

No more fumbling for your keys in the dark. With some smart door locks that are compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, you can control the lock via voice commands to let visitors in or open the door for yourself. With the apps, you can also automatically open a door as you approach.  

5. Smart Air-Conditioning Controllers 

Some smart air-conditioning controllers like the  voice-enabled controller from Ambi-Climate works with Alexa and Google, and also via an app, to manage a mind-blowing range of possibilities. Adjust your air conditioning on the go to automate processes. The best part is that the system’s built-in artificial intelligence function learns your behaviors so it can anticipate your demands and help you save money on electricity. 

6. Smart Trash Cans 

You’ll adore this smart trash can from Simple Human if you’re tired of fumbling with your garbage can lid while your hands are full or sticky. The outside of this sleek home technology bin is loaded with nano-silver particles to prevent germs from growing in addition to opening on voice command or movement sensor. 

7. Smart Window Blinds 

No one wants to get up while curled up on the sofa to adjust the window coverings, but now you can do it with your voice! You can speak a command to this ingenious automation kit, which works with Google or Alexa, to direct your blinds to open or close. You may issue commands with your smartphone as well. Even temperature sensors are included in this system, allowing you to set your blinds to close when the sun is out. Additionally, with solar recharging, there’s no spike in your energy bill. 

Summing Up  

The use of voice-control technology in home appliances is a very forward-looking application. The future home will certainly be a place filled with smart devices that can talk to their users. 

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Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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