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6 Ways AI Can Help You Fight Cybercrimes


Updating existing cybersecurity solutions and enforcing every possible applicable security layer doesn’t ensure that your data is breach-proof. You need to have the strong support of advanced technologies – one that can help you ease the task of security professionals. Thus, it makes sense for you to use AI to fight cybercrimes. With AI in place, many companies have experienced financial gains and saved time while increasing efficiency and productivity throughout the company.

Moreover, business and technology analysts expect to see solid applications of AI and ML to fight cybercrimes. This means that CISOs and security professionals will need to quickly get up to speed on deploying AI solutions to fight cybercrimes. 

Here are 6 ways how AI can help you fight cybercrimes.

Automated Detection

    Together with machine learning, AI can help you quickly identify threats and find links between potential risks, thereby, eliminating human errors from the process. Thanks to ML, AI can now adapt and learn from experience and patterns instead of cause and effect. In fact, today ML has made it possible for machines to teach themselves. It means that they can create models for pattern recognition instead of waiting for humans to develop them. AI is trained to process large amounts of data and can easily tap into reasoning to determine various risks, for example, suspicious addresses, strange files, and so forth, before initiating suitable remedies.

     Anomaly Detection

    AI is significantly improving the duration it takes to identify suspicious issues on websites. Thus, developers today are leveraging AI to identify people with bad intentions on sites. This process is referred to as anomaly detection and has several uses with cybersecurity topping the list. Depending on your Artificial Intelligence techniques, the program can analyze tons of visitors and categorize them based on their threat level and behavior in just a few seconds.

    Better Monitoring and Analysis

      AI gives you greater visibility within their security environment. And also gives you the ability to get ahead of threats. A well-designed AI-powered technology can determine whether or not your organization is under attack. This data in turn will help you take the necessary steps to fight cybercrimes before any threat approaches your organization.

      Secure Authentication

        If you own a site that needs visitors to log in, feature forms that require input, or require you to provide another layer of security on the site’s backend – AI can better the authentication process with utmost safety. 

        One way to ensure secure authentication is via physical identification, where AI uses different factors to identify a person. For instance, a smartphone can use fingerprint scanners and facial recognition to allow you to log in. The process behind this entails the program analyzing main data points about your face and fingers to discern if the login is authentic. Apart from that, AI can look into other factors to determine if a specific user is authorized to log in to a technology device. The tech scrutinizes the way you enter keys, your typing speed, and your error rate while spelling something. Isn’t that amazing?

        Quicker Response Time

          AI can process massive amounts of unstructured information to provide insights with greater efficiency. What more? With ML, AI can learn patterns much more quickly. Thus, accelerating response time, making it faster and easier to stop threats before they cause problems. Some of the leading companies like IBM and others are now using cognitive technologies and AI in cybersecurity to identify threats quickly and respond accordingly. 

          Error-Free Cybersecurity

            Unlike humans, AI doesn’t get tired or bored when performing repetitive/mundane tasks. As such, the risk of human error is reduced significantly. Nonetheless, humans need to work with AI for better results.

            No doubt, humans offer the common sense and rationality that machines lack. However, AI-designed applications are better decision-makers in various situations.

            Wrapping Up

            Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools could go a long way to help fight cybercrimes. AI’s crucial role right now is to offload work from human cybersecurity engineers, to handle the depth and detail that humans cannot tackle fast or accurately. Advances in ML technology mean that AI applications can automatically adapt to changes in threats and spot problems as they arise. The above examples are only some of the ways AI can help you govern and manage cybersecurity and fight cybercrimes. And, as developers continue to provide more data points to existing programs as they create new forms of AI, it is safe to say that AI will help fight cybercrimes even more effectively in the future.

            Samita Nayak
            Samita Nayak
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