Content syndication is a great strategy to connect with the buying groups. Our goal is to get your best content in front of the customers who are searching for solutions/ products that you have to offer. We nurture top-notch content to engage with the prospects depending on their journey in the sales funnel. A wide array of content assets is deployed to target specific market segments and to prioritize the accounts that are ready to buy.

Real ABM is about focus and precision. We build and deliver highly targeted and relevant ad campaigns that zeroed in on the right target accounts across all major ad networks. Remove all the silos between sales and marketing and reach out to your ideal customer profile with our ABM tools like firmographic, demographic insights, and buyer persona targeting.

Timing is the moment of truth in intent-based marketing. It’s absolutely critical to know whether the customer is at the start or at the end of their buying journey and what their level of interest is. We help you to connect with the prospects at the exact time when they enter the buying cycle and display active buying interest. This shortens your sales lead time and most importantly, you connect with the best intent-mapped customers.

For digital marketers, advertisers, and other decision-makers, we offer a wide range of media-sharing options - Asset Promotion, Product/Service Promotion, to create the perfect launchpad to get started.

At TechVersions, we work with leading B2B companies to engage with the right target audiences and generate maximum leads to expand the network. We have various marketing channels for lead generation.