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How content syndication can leverage your B2B Marketing

What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is a great strategy to connect with buying groups. Our goal is to get your best content in front of the customers who are searching for solutions/ products that you have to offer. We nurture top-notch content to engage with the prospects depending on their journey in the sales funnel. A wide array of content assets is deployed to target specific market segments and to prioritize the accounts that are ready to buy.

Syndication can help boost organic and referral traffic to your web properties, as links from authoritative websites indicate a high level of quality from your content. There are many ways to monetize your content, including selling ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.

Reach the right target audience

Getting your content in front of your prospects is difficult. But what is even more difficult is getting in front of the right target audience. Ensure that your content is visible to an audience who respects its value and sees you as an authority. It’s not just about reaching a larger audience. It’s more about engaging with the hot leads who are ready to buy your product and services. Any business can benefit from content syndication if the right syndicate and audience are available.

Our Offerings:

  • Focus on quality content and syndicating with the right partner
  • Sharing topics and articles based on consumer trends
  • Syndicating sales collaterals on social media channels
  • Co-marketing of content on all our other publication platforms
  • Tracking and metrics management

Engage with our content

Audience reaction and response to content is the key relevancy signal for marketers. The higher and better the engagement – the more successful is your marketing campaigns. So, a major challenge for content syndication programs is how to keep relevant content streaming for the right target audience. Because without relevancy, engagement will remain a pipedream that will not move the pipeline.

Our Offerings:

  • Publication on sites with higher traffic
  • Curated content as per the audience’s behavior and intents
  • Highly - targeted content that answers users’ specific questions
  • Collaterals and guides that solve problems for the audience
  • Real-time engagement tracking and follow-up with compelling CTAs

Amplify your brand presence

Awareness is the key to branding. And the most effective way to increase awareness is to come up with content ideas that resonate with your customers. Content syndication is no longer confined to on-page and off-page SEO tactics. It’s so much more than generating backlinks and third-party website referral traffic. Today, Content Syndication is a vital tool for B2B marketers to enhance and amplify brand presence. When done correctly, content syndication can help increase your search result page rankings, improve user experience, and generate leads. We syndicate content to position you as a recognized thought leader in your field so that your audience loves to engage and buy from you.

Our Offerings:

  • Content publication on multiple sites to expand reach and visibility
  • Reciprocal linking with partnered sites to increase brand awareness
  • Industry expert syndicated content to enhance brand authority
  • Periodicals and newsletters for brand promotion with landing pages
  • Social Media publishing and campaigns for larger audience reach

Convert your marketing leads

Through content syndication, these marketers reach and engage with the filtered hot leads and share the highly relevant target audience list with the customers. You can start matching your best content with the most relevant prospects for your business who are in the market for your solutions. Leads nurturing and content syndication strategies go hand in hand. With daily newsletters, weekly roundups, and other featured content pieces it’s easier to capture intents from our content syndication initiatives

Our Offerings:

  • Gated content to generate qualified leads
  • Facilitate multiple content touchpoints for the high content consumers
  • Increase in qualified leads through digital resources downloads
  • Content Syndication campaigns for best performing digital assets
  • Niche content promotions for specific target audience and industries