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The Top Challenges (and Solutions) in Big Data Governance Today


Have you ever looked for a recipe in a messy kitchen? It’s frustrating, right? Big data can be like that – tons of information scattered everywhere, making it hard to find what you need.

Here’s the deal: Companies collect tons of data, from customer details to website clicks. But if it’s not organized, it’s useless! That’s where data governance comes in.

Think of it as cleaning and sorting your kitchen – it keeps things tidy and easy to find.

So, What Are the Big Challenges?

Here are a few challenges associated with big data governance.

Data Everywhere

Information is all over the place, like ingredients left on different counters. This makes it hard to see what you have and use it effectively.

Shadow IT

Some employees use their own tools to work with data, like using a whisk instead of a proper mixer. This can lead to security risks and confusion.

Privacy Concerns

Just like you wouldn’t leave your groceries out in the open, data needs protection. Companies need to follow rules about how they handle customer information.

How Can We Fix This?

Here’s what you can do to meet the big data challenges.

Data Lakes

Data lakes hold all your company’s information in one place, making it easy to find the right ingredient (data point) for your recipe (analysis).

Clear Rules

Just like having designated shelves for different kinds of food, data governance sets clear guidelines for how information is collected, used, and protected. Everyone knows where to put things (data) and how to use them safely.


Keeping your kitchen clean requires everyone to pitch in. Data governance encourages teamwork – all departments work together to ensure information is accurate and secure.

Follow these steps to transform your data mess and make it well-organized. This will help with better decision-making, happier customers, and a clear path to success.

Samita Nayak
Samita Nayak
Samita Nayak is a content writer working at Anteriad. She writes about business, technology, HR, marketing, cryptocurrency, and sales. When not writing, she can usually be found reading a book, watching movies, or spending far too much time with her Golden Retriever.
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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