Wednesday, January 20, 2021 | 04:06 pm

Workday Report on Boosting the Value of Cloud ERP in Higher Education

Explore the Benefits of Workday ERP Implementation for Higher Education. Know what the top schools are doing differently!

Cloud enterprise resource planning  ERP implementation can help higher education institutions transform into a more modern campus-wide operating model that presents new opportunities for growth and innovative ways to serve students. 

In this Deloitte report, understand the value of Workday ERP implementation in higher education. Furthermore, analyze how schools can maximize their investment in Workday. When schools follow Deloitte’s approach and philosophy, they can attain the following benefits early on:

  • Highly efficient & effective operations coupled with service delivery
  • Greater alignment of policy and procedure
  • Enhanced reputation of business offices
  • Increased trust and integrity, and more

Hence, moving to the cloud is a pivotal strategic decision and a significant investment for higher education institutions.