Thursday, February 25, 2021 | 08:34 am

The Ultimate Guide on IBM Cloud Framework for Financial Services

Wondering how to best manage your sensitive data and complex workloads? Read on to explore how the IBM cloud framework can help you!

One recurring challenge for all organizations today is complying with the ever-increasing number of laws and regulations. Besides, digital transformation initiatives adopting cloud services is creating tension between the organization’s functions for digital transformation and those responsible for risk and compliance, especially in financial services. Moreover, today compliance is not enough – you need to prove you are compliant! To solve these compliance and security issues, and beyond that, IBM introduced the cloud framework for financial services. Read this paper to explore how this IBM cloud solution can help you with:

  • Extensive control set spanning cybersecurity, data privacy, access, and configuration management
  • Personalized customer experiences while managing stringent industry regulations for sensitive data and complex workloads