Sunday, April 11, 2021 | 01:18 am

The Next-Generation Networking Technology – Extreme Fabric Connect

The whitepaper describes the architecture of Extreme Fabric Connect and Distributed Virtual Routing (DvR) in providing reliable and secure networking solutions to support healthcare infrastructure. Accomplish your organization’s data management goals with Fabric Connect and DvR.

One of the prominent U.S. healthcare providers consolidated their data center resources and optimized networks. This was to determine the improvement of overall performance and resiliency. Also, security using Extreme’s Fabric Connect and Distributed Virtual Routing (DvR). Hence, the combination of Fabric Connect, DvR routing, and a high-performance 100GE backbone has enabled this nationwide healthcare provider to deliver a data center infrastructure that exceeded their objectives. In this regard, the white paper lays down Extreme Fabric Connect Solutions for data center excellence. 

 Additionally, learn about: 

  • Design Objectives across data centers
  • Fabric connect to simplify data center networking
  • DvR for optimization in large data centers
  • Network design

Now with Extreme Fabric Connect, you can optimize performance and resiliency across multiple data centers!