Saturday, January 16, 2021 | 05:56 pm

Modernizing IT Infrastructure With Digital Transformation

Understand DX strategies for network modernization in the multicloud framework of IT infrastructure

Enterprises are digitizing to achieve higher agility, efficiency, and competitive advantage in the industry. As per IDC’s CloudView Survey, more than 90% of enterprise respondents indicated that they would adopt DX strategies to incorporate multi-cloud tools. Contextually, organizations pursue and realize digital transformation in the framework of Cloud.

Addressing modernization challenges and cloud requirements across networks, the IDC white paper examines:

  • Multicloud Management and Network Agility in the DX framework
  • Network Transformation accompanied by Digital Transformation
  • IBM’s Approach to Network Transformation – Datacenter to WAN

Top features of AI-enabled Network Automation:

  • Optimizing application Availability
  • Enhancing Performance and User Experience
  • Implementing stringent security policies