Sunday, April 18, 2021 | 04:05 am

Leverage Organizational Change to Build a Strong Security Culture Today

Explore the state of corporate cybersecurity culture from the perspective of both IT managers and decision-makers and the everyday employee in this piece of original research from Osterman Research, sponsored by KnowBe4. 

This comprehensive report allows you to get amazing insights into:

  • What makes security training interesting and engaging, straight from the minds of the employees who interact with it
  • The relationship between employee enjoyment of training and how much a part of the larger corporate security landscape they feel
  • Improving the behavior of employees who have the potential of undermining the security provided by the organization’s security infrastructure.

Download the “Security Awareness Training as A Key Element in Changing the Security Culture” today and identify gaps in your cybersecurity posture so you can understand how to prioritize them for your business.

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