Wednesday, January 20, 2021 | 06:26 am

Are CFOs Ready to Take On Today’s Financial Challenges?

In the changing landscape of rapid technological advancements; relentless regulation; and growing need for savvy business insights; CFOs must integrate automation across platforms and business processes to create a new level of business partnering. According to KPMG, advanced automation will reduce labor requirements for core accounting processes by up to 70%. Read on.

CFOs need to utilize automation and transform finance systems from a control function to a true business partner, ultimately driving enterprise performance. This will enable organizations to meet changing demands and realize expectations from stakeholders, management, suppliers and others. 

According to KPMG’s 2019 U.S. CEO Outlook survey, nearly two-thirds of CEOs in midsized companies believe agility is a new currency of business. 

This white paper lists six key points for CFOs to consider while ensuring agility and resilience: 

  1. Thinking like a venture capitalist 
  2. Integration of multiple technologies like robotics, advanced analytics, blockchain, and cloud
  3. Pursuing agile analytics and reverse engineering
  4. The collaboration of humans and machines 
  5. Delivering better service with smaller workgroups
  6. Converting risk into reward

CFOs who succeed in the future will be the ones who transform their organizations today.