Wednesday, January 27, 2021 | 10:15 pm

5 Smart Tips to Make Your Organization CCPA Compliant

Want to know how top organizations are preparing for the CCPA? Read our paper to explore 5 smart tips to make your organization CCPA compliant.

The 2020 CCPA creates new protections for the personal data of California residents and new requirements for the businesses that process it.  A recent PossibleNow survey found that only 25% of businesses expected to be fully prepared by the end of the 6-month grace period.

First thing first, you cannot comply with data privacy laws unless you know what personal data you hold. To help you operationalize CCPA’s requirements, we present here 5 concrete action items along with considerations that underpin each step. Read this white paper to discover 5 smart steps you can take to make your organization CCPA compliant.