Saturday, September 26, 2020 | 12:40 pm

How to Create an Expense Policy that Your Employees Will Love?

Here are some great tips for creating a straight-forward expense policy that spikes compliance and helps you save 10 hours per week.

Creating an expense policy can be a time-consuming process! But when you consider that almost 20% of expenses fall outside of policy it makes sense to invest the time and effort.

But what makes a good policy?

You first need to find the line between eliminating unnecessary costs and having a policy that is unreasonable. That is, too lax and your expenses will creep up, too tight and it won’t be workable, and your employees will hate it.

Download this white paper for the latest expense policy template. This template walks you through how to build a best-practice policy that

  • Saves time and resources, and
  • Protects against fraud and compliance breaches