Tuesday, March 9, 2021 | 11:19 am

Close the Digital Transformation Gap: Unify Chatbot Technology

Read this white paper to explore how to unify chatbot technology and make it omnichannel. It’s time to turn every conversation into customer happiness!

Today’s customers expect support when and where they need it. As per Salesforce, 70% of customers expect consistent experiences across channels with the same capabilities and contextualized engagement based on earlier interactions. Thus, to create this sort of unified experience, you need to match the demand of evolving chatbot technology that you are implementing with the efficiency and unification that your customers are demanding.

Don’t know where to begin? This report highlights steps to help you begin your omnichannel chatbot journey. And offers useful tips to close the gap in chatbot orchestration. Thereby, closing the digital transformation gap and delivering a superior customer experience.