Wednesday, January 27, 2021 | 10:28 pm

7 Step Guide to Successful Enterprise Robotic Process Automation

Signavio Training Day - BPMN 2.0 - January 2015

In recent years, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  has become an integral part of enterprise digital transformation. Signavio’s 7 Step Guide takes a practical approach to implement RPA at an enterprise level. 

Here are 7 practical steps that could help businesses ensure a successful RPA implementation:

  1. Building business case & baseline
  2. Refining & testing the strategy
  3. Eliminating unnecessary processes & starting trials
  4. Scaling up the role of RPA
  5. Educating the workforce & gathering feedback
  6. Monitoring & measuring progress
  7. Expanding & improving

These steps are essential to understand your organization’s processes, then use this knowledge to apply RPA in the right place, at the right time, and in the right way.

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