Friday, March 31, 2023 | 08:40 pm

Inside Apple’s Insane $5 Billion Headquarters

Costing a total upwards of 5 Billion Dollars, the Apple Headquarters is one of the most expensive buildings on the planet. The Building took 8 years to finish with over 5 years spent on just its construction. The building was designed by Jobs himself and features a design like no other.

Let’s take a look at just what this building has to offer. General Information Named “Apple Park” The Apple Headquarters is a sight to behold. The building covers an area of 176 Acres and surprisingly over 80% of it has been dedicated to green space. The main building is officially called the ring and for good reason since it’s well in the shape of a ring. In the center of it is a lush green park. A park inside Apple Park. Apple Park might have a super futuristic design but plans for its construction were actually made back in 2006 by the Apple founder Steve Jobs.

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