Wednesday, September 22, 2021 | 05:31 pm
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Tag: Xiaomi

Google’s First Folding Pixel Is Apparently Still on Track for a 2021 Reveal

Google may have shied away from a Pixel Watch, but a Pixel Fold still very much seems to be on the way. Google hasn’t kept its folding phone a secret.

US Agrees to Remove Xiaomi From Communist Chinese Military Company List

Xiaomi has been taken off the US government's Communist Chinese military companies (CCMC) list, according to a court filing.

Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Reportedly Plans to Make Electric Cars

The Chinese smartphone giant to market the vehicles under its own brand, Reuters reports.

Xiaomi National Security Ban Suspended by US Judge

A federal judge temporarily lifts a Defense Department ban on US investments in the China-based phone maker.

China’s Xiaomi Expands Manufacturing in India, Adds 3 New Partners for Smartphones, Smart TVs

Xiaomi has added three more partners, of which, two will set up manufacturing plants for smartphones and one for smart TVs.

China’s Xiaomi Files Legal Complaint Against U.S. Defense, Treasury Ban

Xiaomi Corp filed a complaint against the U.S. Defense and Treasury Departments, seeking to remove them from an official list of companies with ties to China’s military.

Xiaomi Says Its ‘Air Charge’ Technology Works Over Several Meters

It can charge multiple devices at the same time.

US Blacklists Xiaomi, CNOOC, Skyrizon, Raising Heat on China

The Department of Defense added nine companies to its list of Chinese companies with military links.

Xiaomi Working on a New Phone With 360-Degree Display

The Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha successor could have a 360-degree display, three pop-up cameras.

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