Sunday, September 19, 2021 | 03:35 am
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Microsoft Windows 11 Is Coming. And the Changes Might Stun You.

11 will stun you in terms of design, engagement, and experience.

Microsoft Warns Over This Unusual Malware That Targets Windows and Linux

The group was discovered to be using Exchange bugs to mine for cryptocurrency in May, two years after it first emerged.

Microsoft Preps for Its Big Windows Event With an 11-minute Startup Sound Remix

Microsoft has decided the best way to remind people that it's launching "what's next for Windows" during an event on June 24th is with...

Microsoft to Unveil New Version of Windows on June 24

Microsoft said it will unveil “the next generation of Windows” on June 24. The move comes a week after CEO Satya Nadella teased major enhancements.

Chrome 88 Makes It Easier to Manage and Change Passwords

Google has released another Chrome update for Windows, Mac, and Linux, adding some personal security features that should keep users a little safer online. If...

A Finance Resource Kit: Moving SQL Server and Windows Server to Azure

Achieve greater financial benefits with azure cloud migration.

Microsoft Edge History and Tab Sync Features Finally Start Rolling Out

Microsoft is finally starting to roll out history and tab sync for its Edge browser. After nearly a year since its initial release, some...

Microsoft Planning ‘Sweeping Visual Rejuvenation of Windows’

Microsoft is planning a “sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows” that is designed to signal to users of the operating system that “Windows is BACK.”...

x64 Emulation Has Come to Windows on ARM

All your apps should now run on ARM

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