Wednesday, September 22, 2021 | 05:14 pm
Tags Video Calls

Tag: Video Calls

Google’s Project Starline Brings Us One Step Closer To Holographic Video Calls

Google is working on holographic video calls — or something a lot like that — through a system called Project Starline.

WhatsApp’s Desktop App Is Finally Getting Voice And Video Calls

WhatsApp is adding voice and video calls to its desktop app, allowing users to both make and answer calls on their computer. It's a...

WhatsApp Sets New Record With 1.4 Billion Voice, Video Calls on New Year’s Eve

This year, the number of calls on January 1 increased by 50 percent compared to last year's New Year's Eve.

Rejoice Google Meet Users, You Can Now Use Custom Backgrounds on Video Calls

Google Meet has now made it easier for users to swap out their background image.

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