Saturday, September 18, 2021 | 12:54 am
Tags US Elections

Tag: US Elections

How Mark Kelly Used Conversational AI to Help Win a Senate Seat

Amplify.ai, an enterprise-level conversational AI platform, has helped 2020 senatorial campaigns drive engagement with local constituents.

Trump Will Lose His Protection Against Twitter Bans When He Leaves Office

The social media giant has confirmed to Engadget and The Verge that Trump will lose “public interest” safeguard on his personal account once President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in at noon on January 20.

Facebook Says It Will Put Groups on Probation for Violating Its Content Rules

The platform is trying to slow the spread of election misinformation among other things.

Social Networks Solved Their 2016 Election Problems, but Their 2020 Problems Are Bigger

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube took on misinformation this year. Was that enough?

Waymo Pauses Operations in San Francisco, Stays the Course in Phoenix on Election Day

Waymo has taken a dual approach to operations on Election Day.

Hulu Tests Its Social Viewing Feature, Watch Party, With Election News Live Streams

Hulu is bringing its Watch Party social viewing feature to its livestreamed election news coverage.

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