Saturday, September 18, 2021 | 09:09 pm
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Twitter Announces New Anti-harassment ‘Safety Mode’ Feature

The social media company on Wednesday announced the test of a new feature called "Safety Mode," which aims to help users prevent being overwhelmed by harmful tweets and unwanted replies and mentions.

Twitter Collaborates With News Sites to Fight Disinformation

Twitter collaborates with two of the largest international news providers, Reuters and the Associated Press, to debunk disinformation on its messaging site.

Twitter Tests Notification Banner for Suspended and Locked Accounts

In the instance of a locked account, the notice currently says most users regain access within a week.

Twitter Temporarily Suspends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for Vaccine Misinformation

The Georgia Republican will not be able to tweet for 12 hours due to Twitter's policy against people who repeatedly share misinformation.

Twitter Adds Captions to Voice Tweets After a Year They First Launched

Twitter first launched voice tweets in June 2020, but they were quickly criticized at the time for not having captions. Know more.

Trump Sues Twitter and Facebook for Banning Him

Donald Trump today sued Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, & their CEOs, claiming that all three companies are guilty of "impermissible censorship".

Twitter Tests More Attention-Grabbing Misinformation Labels

Twitter is considering changes to the way it contextualizes misleading tweets that it doesn’t believe are dangerous enough to be removed from the platform. 

Twitter Faces New Headache in India After Police Complaint Over Controversial Map

A map on Twitter's careers page showed the Jammu and Kashmir region, which is claimed by both India and Pakistan, as well as the Buddhist enclave of Ladakh outside India.

Twitter Restricts Accounts in India to Comply With Government Legal Request

Twitter disclosed on Monday that it blocked four accounts in India to comply with a new legal request from the Indian government.

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