Monday, September 20, 2021 | 04:48 am
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Tag: Trump

Trump Reportedly Plans to Launch New Social Media Network

Trump's platform will 'completely redefine the game,' an advisor tells Fox News.

Trump Wants Back on Facebook and Instagram, Appeals Suspension to Facebook Oversight Board

Trump’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram remain suspended pending the Oversight Board’s decision.

Facebook’s Oversight Board Wants Your Feedback on Whether It Was Right to Ban Trump

The board is taking submissions until February 5th.

Social Media: Where It Is Now vs Where It Started

With great power comes great social media responsibilities.

Trump Signs Stimulus Bill Ahead of Government Shutdown, Releasing Checks and Aid

After days of refusing to sign the stimulus bill into law, Trump authorizes the joint COVID-19 relief aid and government funding bill.

Twitter Briefly Restricts Trump’s Disputed Election Tweets

The social platform said it “inadvertently” limited engagements but has reversed the action.

Trump Fires the Official in Charge of Election Cybersecurity

Christopher Krebs has been removed from his post.

US Commerce Department Accepts Court Order to Block Trump’s TikTok Ban

It will appeal the court order, however.

TikTok Asks Court to Step In As Sale Deadline Looms

It's not clear what would happen should Trump's Thursday deadline pass and that deal isn't completed.

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