Friday, May 20, 2022 | 07:39 pm
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Tag: Tesla

Tesla Is Taking Semi Reservations and Asking for $20,000 Deposit

These deposits are refundable until you sign an actual purchase agreement.

Tesla Sues Former Employee for Allegedly Stealing Trade Secrets

Tesla has sued a former employee who it is accusing of stealing trade secrets related to its supercomputer project. Know more.

Judge Rules Musk’s Tweets Over Taking Tesla Private Were False, Investors Say

Musk on Thursday claimed that funding actually had been secured to take Tesla private in 2018.

First Tesla, Now Polestar: Hertz Signs a New Electric Vehicle Partner

Europe gets theirs first. Rentals in US and Australia start this fall.

Tesla’s Shanghai Factory Stays Closed As COVID Restrictions Remain in Place

The factory has been closed for nearly one week.

Hertz Adds Tesla’s Model Y to Its EV Fleet

Hertz Global Holdings has added Tesla electric mid-size SUV Model Y to its electric vehicle fleet, according to the car rental firm.

Tesla Recalls over 500,000 Vehicles to Fix Pedestrian Warning Sounds

Tesla is recalling 578,607 vehicles in U.S because pedestrians may not be able to hear a required warning sound of an approaching car.

Tesla Receives Subpoena from U.S. Securities Regulator over 2018 Settlement

Tesla Inc said it received subpoena from the U.S. securities regulator related to a settlement that required Chief Executive Musk's tweets.

Why Volkswagen Is Beating Tesla In Europe

Germany-based Volkswagen Group has risen from the ashes of its 2015 emissions scandal to become the EV market leader in Europe, where the company reported that it had 26 percent market share in the first half of 2021.

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