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Demo of Meta’s Ai Online Chatbot Swiftly Begins to Spout False Information and Racist Statements

It’s long been known that security is not a problem that companies, even large corporations, can solve on their own. It takes a community working together to battle these kinds of problems.

At FPL, Henry Rollins Discusses Free Expression, Censorship, Technology, and More

Henry Rollins will open the Innovation Speakers series at the Fayetteville Public Library with "Libraries Are Punk Rock" on Aug. 12. Rollins, the front man from Black Flag and Rollins band, is an author.

WorkWave Introduces ServiceBot™ by WorkWave, Bringing Potent Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Sales Technology to a Range of Service Industries

WorkWave®, a leading provider of SaaS software solutions that support every stage of a service business's life cycle, has announced the launch of ServiceBot, a highly successful sales automation.

NIST Bias Testing Results Show Corsight’s State-of-the-art AI Facial Recognition Technology to Be the Best

Corsight AI, today announced its facial recognition technology ranked top in the most recent facial recognition technology benchmarking test (FRVT 1:1 Verification), conducted by the National Institute.

SurePoint Acquires Coyote Analytics

SurePoint Technologies, the leading cloud provider of financial and practice management solutions for law firms, announced today its acquisition of Coyote Analytics.

“Next Big Technology” – Elon Musk

Musk talks about 3 technologies that he thinks are about to change the world.

Technology for Tomorrow’s Data: Samsung and Western Digital Collaborate to Kindle More Robust Data Storage Ecosystems

Due to a proliferation of innovative digital technologies and applications stemming from AI/ML, IoT, the edge, and the cloud, we are now producing colossal...

U.S. Officials Deploy Technology to Track More Than 200,000 Immigrants, Triggering a New Privacy Lawsuit

More than 216,000 people with pending cases before U.S. immigration courts have been placed in a federal government tracking program, according federal data released...

Technology Taught Us to Never Wait

Are we too impatient for our own good?

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