Tuesday, October 19, 2021 | 02:18 am
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Tag: T-Mobile

Halo Will Launch a Remotely Operated Car Service Powered by 5G in Las Vegas

Halo and telecom giant T-Mobile are teaming up to change that, with a driverless electric car service in Las Vegas powered on 5G to launch later this year.

T-Mobile’s Wireless Home Internet Service Launched

After a lengthy pilot, T-Mobile Home Internet is now an official product, CEO Mike Sievert announced during the carrier's Next event on Wednesday.

T-Mobile to Wind Down Live TV Services, Offer YouTube TV

Live+ and Live Zone services would give the first month of YouTube TV for free to customers with TVision Live Subscription.

T-Mobile to Turn Up 5G Speed This Year, Cover 90% of Americans by 2024

Increasing 5G speeds this year to an average of 400Mbps.

Networks Are Struggling in Texas Amid Historic Winter Storms

T-Mobile, Spectrum, and others are working to restore service.

Some T-Mobile Customers’ Call Records May Have Been Accessed in a Recent Breach

T-Mobile suffered a security breach in December that may have exposed call-related information and phone numbers for some of its customers. First reported by Bleeping...

If You Use Any of These Smartphones, You Can’t Connect to T-Mobile’s Network in 2021

T-Mobile revealed in an internal document to employees that 19 devices will no longer be able to connect to its network starting on January 29th, 2021.

Google Fi Is Offering $100 to Upgrade Your 3G Phone Before It Stops Working

Google Fi will stop activating non-VoLTE phones in January.

The Best Cyber Monday iPhone Deals 2020

Cyber Monday iPhone deals are here to give you discounts galore well ahead of the biggest online shopping event of the year.

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