Tuesday, October 19, 2021 | 01:44 am
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Tag: Storage

Google Photos Stops Pretending Its Compressed Photos Are ‘High Quality’

The company’s finally telling it like it is: Google will no longer pretend its compressed, lower-quality photos and videos are “High quality”.

Xbox X vs PS5: Which Gaming Powerhouse Do You Choose?

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are two great gaming gadgets to have. They both arrive at similar goals through different means,...

Embracing Hybrid Multicloud

Simplify your cloud storage. Explore Hybrid Multicloud, trend of the "new normal."

Illuminating Insight for Unstructured Data at Scale

A new offering designed to efficiently manage unstructured file and object-based data.

Software-Defined Storage For Dummies®, 2nd IBM Limited Edition

Acquire plenty of information and ideas on managing software-defined storage so you can better achieve business objectives. 

The Inevitable Move Toward a Modern Global File System

Modern applications require modern infrastructure. Stop cobbling together traditional systems and leverage a modern, global file system.

Accelerate the Modern Data Experience With Pure Storage

This white paper evaluates the significance of enabling a modern data experience and highlights its role in building a strong flash-based storage system while fostering a customer-centric culture.

Discover the Key Cyber Resilience Solutions and Technologies

Uncover what is extremely crucial when it comes to dealing with cyber threats, backup issues, and other security challenges.

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