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Tag: SpaceX

SpaceX’s First Private Crew Shows What They’ve Been Up to in Orbit

Proctor, Arceneaux, Sembroski and Isaacman represent the first fully private contingent of humans to enter orbit without the aegis of professionally trained astronauts.

SpaceX Successfully Launches 1st All-Civilian Flight Into Earth’s Orbit

One seat was reserved for 29-year-old St. Jude ambassador Hayley Arceneaux.

Amazon.com Goes for Jugular in FCC Spat with SpaceX’s Musk

Amazon told U.S. regulators on Wednesday that Elon Musk does not believe government regulations apply to the billionaire who heads Tesla Inc.

SpaceX to Acquire Small Satellite Startup Swarm Technologies

A rare acquisition to complement SpaceX’s growing Starlink business.

U.S. Warns SpaceX Its New Texas Launch Site Tower Not Yet Approved

FAA warns SpaceX that its environmental review of a new tower at its Boca Chica launch site in Texas is incomplete. Know more.

SpaceX’s Starlink Expects It Can Provide Global Coverage Around September

In May, Musk said the low-Earth orbiting satellite network had received more than 500,000 preorders for its internet service and anticipates no technical problems meeting demand.

SpaceX Cleared to Launch Reused Rockets for ‘National Security’ Missions

It's set to launch a GPS III satellite on Thursday with a reused Falcon 9 booster.

SpaceX’s Starlink Is in Talks With ‘Several’ Airlines for In-Flight Wi-Fi

The team behind SpaceX’s growing satellite internet network Starlink is in talks with “several” airlines to beam internet to their airplanes.

Jeff Bezos Will Go to Space Next Month on Blue Origin’s First Human Trip

Jeff Bezos would take a trip to space next month when Blue Origin conducts its first human spaceflight, beating Elon Musk.

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