Friday, October 22, 2021 | 08:53 pm
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The 7 Popular PS5 Games To Play In 2021

Nearly a year into the console's life, and the best PS5 games list is starting to take shape. Moreover, If you're one of the...

Record Labels Sue Another ISP, Demanding Mass Disconnections of Internet Users

The major record labels yesterday filed another lawsuit demanding that an Internet service provider terminate subscribers for alleged copyright violations. 

PS5 Will Be Profitable Next Month And Uncharted 4 Is Coming to PC

The PS5 should hit break-even in June, and become profitable the very same month according to a presentation the company shared.

Sony Is ‘Strengthening’ PlayStation As It Tries to Reach 1 Billion People

The company's goal right now is to increase the size of the community directly connected to Sony via devices or entertainment.

Sony Announces Investment And Partnership With Discord To Bring The Chat App To PlayStation

Sony and Discord have announced a partnership that will integrate the latter’s popular gaming-focused chat app with PlayStation’s own built-in social tools.

PlayStation Network Was Down Globally for Over an Hour

It seems like it’s resolved now, with the PSN status page showing that everything is up and running.

Sony’s FlavorGraph Uses AI to Predict Which Ingredients Will Pair Together

It combines information about flavor molecules and recipes from the past.

Sony Buys Evo Esports Tournament

In a joint agreement with a company called RTS, Sony has bought the Evolution Championship Series. it will operate the organization with help from RTS.

Sony Is Working on a System That Turns Bananas Into Game Controllers

While gaming consoles still have a big market, companies like Sony haven’t been able to bring prices of VR and MR headsets down to...

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