Monday, May 23, 2022 | 06:08 am
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Tag: Social Media

Twitter Launches Improved Alt Text Accessibility Features Globally

After a successful test last month, Twitter is rolling out two additions to its alt text feature.

Twitter Ditches It’s Tabbed Timeline Mere Days After Rolling It Out

This isn’t the first time an internet company has rolled back a feature, but it shows that many people still want a chronological feed and dislike it when companies try to take that functionality away from them.

Snapchat Is Limiting Friend Recommendations For Teen Accounts

New parental control features are expected in the 'coming months.'

Nigeria Lifts Ban On Twitter, Says The Social Media Giant Has Met Conditions

The Nigerian government has lifted the suspension of Twitter operations more than 6 months after it first declared a crackdown on the social media giant.

Instagram Will ‘Double Down’ On Video In 2022 And Focus On Reels

Adam Mosseri, who runs the platform, said the team will place an onus on creators, transparency, and messaging next year.

Australia Plans Laws To Make Social Networks Identify Trolls

Privacy could take a hit in the country.

Twitter Begins Rollout of ‘Disappearing Tweets’ Fix

On the web client, you'll see a new tweet counter.

Instagram’s Link Stickers Are Rolling Out To Everyone

To add a link, head into the sticker tool from the top navigation bar after uploading content to your story, tap the “Link” sticker and enter the desired URL. It then functions like any other sticker on a Stories post.

U.S. Senate Panel To Hold New Hearing on Social Media Impact on Young Users

The U.S. Senate will hold an Oct. 26 hearing with tech firms Snap's (SNAP.N) Snapchat, TikTok, and Alphabet's YouTube (GOOGL.O) about their platforms' impact on young users, a panel said on Tuesday.

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