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OnePlus Just Hinted That It’s Jumping On The Foldable Phone Bandwagon

Foldable smartphones and devices have been an obsession for brands over the past couple of years and while only a handful of devices exist for the masses to get their hands on, brands aren't backing out of the fad just yet.

Xiaomi Might Launch Mi Pad 5 Series At August 10 Event, Alongside Rumoured Mi Mix 4

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has announced that it will release the new Mi Pad 5 series next week in China, at an event where the company might launch the Mi Mix 4 smartphone too.

The Future of Smartphone Filmmaking

Smartphone filmmaking is a seismic shift in the industry, but will it stay?

LG Confirms It’s Getting Out of the Smartphone Business

LG is exiting the smartphone business, the company confirmed today.

Smartphones Made Us Dumber, but Good AI Technology Can Fix That

There’s a pervasive concern today that people are becoming obsolete. The cause and the culprit? Technology.

China’s Xiaomi Expands Manufacturing in India, Adds 3 New Partners for Smartphones, Smart TVs

Xiaomi has added three more partners, of which, two will set up manufacturing plants for smartphones and one for smart TVs.

If You Use Any of These Smartphones, You Can’t Connect to T-Mobile’s Network in 2021

T-Mobile revealed in an internal document to employees that 19 devices will no longer be able to connect to its network starting on January 29th, 2021.

Black Friday Online Shopping Comes in $9B, $3.6B on Smartphones

Adobe predicts Cyber Monday 2020 will see spending of between $10.8 billion and $12.7 billion.

Gartner: Q3 Smartphone Sales Down 5.7% to 366M, Stemming COVID-19 Declines Earlier This Year

New numbers from Gartner point to some recovery for the smartphone market as vendors roll out a raft of new 5G handsets.

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