Monday, May 23, 2022 | 07:08 am
Tags Security Breach

Tag: Security Breach

Federal Investigators Looking Into Breach at Software Code Testing Company Codecov

The breach happened in January but was not detected until April.

Jamaica’s Amber Group Fixes Second JamCOVID Security Lapse

Amber Group has fixed a second security lapse that exposed private keys and passwords for the government’s JamCOVID app and website.

Some T-Mobile Customers’ Call Records May Have Been Accessed in a Recent Breach

T-Mobile suffered a security breach in December that may have exposed call-related information and phone numbers for some of its customers. First reported by Bleeping...

SolarWinds: Hacked Firm Issues Urgent Security Fix

Network tools specialist SolarWinds has updated its flagship Orion software, 11 days after revealing a major breach.

Hackers Backed by Russian Government Reportedly Breached US Government Agencies

The group, known as APT29, or Cozy Bear, was responsible for hacking the US State Department and the White House during the Obama administration.

10 Simple Tactics to Upgrade Your Network Security Practices

How to identify if your network security practices are yielding results? Read on to explore the 2020's top network security best practices.

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