Friday, May 27, 2022 | 10:05 pm
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Tag: Roblox

Apple Said Roblox Developers Don’t Make Games, and Now Roblox Agrees

The word ‘game’ has been replaced by ‘experience’ across Roblox’s website.

Roblox Direct Listing Reference Price Is Set at $45

The exchange disclosed the price in a statement Tuesday, confirming an earlier report by Bloomberg News.

Roblox Is Chasing Older Users for Games and Virtual Concerts As It Gears up for Direct Listing

Valued at $29.5 billion in a funding round last month, Roblox said it will provide forward guidance next week ahead of its planned debut on March 10.

U.S. Gaming Platform Roblox to Delay IPO Until Next Year

The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday that Affirm Holdings Inc is also postponing its IPO.

‘Ready Player Two’ Sets Virtual Treasure Hunt on Roblox

The event will take place in the popular gaming platform, with players invited to seven unique experiences Dec. 1.

The Promise and Challenge of Roblox’s Future in China

In a much-anticipated move, California-based gaming firm Roblox filed to go public last week.

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