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Tag: Remote Learning

How to Empower Students with Virtual and On-site Learning Spaces

Want to know how to create a collaborative learning space? Download this guide for tips on how to attract and empower students with a virtual learning space.

How Technology is Keeping Us Sane During the Pandemic?

Technology has been the bridge - connecting all of us. Read on to see how technology is keeping us sane and safe during the pandemic.

Education Post-COVID-19: How Technology Will Transform Education

Education in a post-COVID-19 world will be largely dependent on advanced technology. Remote learning and virtual classrooms have become the new normal.

Education Technology: A Guide for Remote Learning

Meeting the education challenge in the new normal of virtual remote learning. Access this guide to know more about Microsoft's education technology.

3 Real-Life Lessons From the Transformation To Remote Learning

Access this eBook to read about 3 key lessons learned during the transition to remote learning.

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