Sunday, May 29, 2022 | 04:42 am
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Tag: Privacy

Google’s New Plan for Android Privacy Doesn’t Sound All That Private

Meta, meanwhile, seemed totally on board with whatever ideas Google seems to have.

This Privacy-conscious Browser Prevents Websites From Tracking You Even Better Than Chrome Does

No one wants to leak their private information as they browse the web. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other popular browsers can help keep your data

Twitter Will Remove Images Tweeted Without Consent

Twitter has said images or videos of private individuals shared without their permission are now against its policies and can be removed on request.

Australia Plans Laws To Make Social Networks Identify Trolls

Privacy could take a hit in the country.

Apple Defends New Photo Scanning Child Protection Tech

Apple has defended its new system that scans users' phones for child sexual abuse material (CSAM), after a backlash from customers and privacy advocates.

Google Adds Feature To Zap Recent Search History In Privacy Push

The new ways to give people more privacy controls come after years of scrutiny on Google’s behavior.

WhatsApp Delays Enforcement Of New Privacy Rules In Brazil

The full enforcement of WhatsApp's new privacy policy has been delayed in Brazil.

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