Friday, May 20, 2022 | 07:27 pm
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The First Spotify Audio Series Starring Meghan Markle Has Been Announced

Meghan Markle hasn't wasted much time setting expectations for her first Spotify podcast. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Spotify has revealed that the Duchess of Sussex's initial series is Archetypes, an exploration of the "labels that try to hold women back.

You Can Soon Rate Your Favorite Podcast On Spotify

The company explicitly encourages podcasters to shout out Spotify and tell listeners to rate them there.

Amazon Is Acquiring a Podcast Hosting and Monetization Platform

This is a major step for Amazon as it looks to take on a bigger role in the podcasting world.

Apple Opens Affiliate Program Ahead Of Podcast Subscription Launch

Participants can earn a 50 percent commission off of new subscribers.

Spotify’s New Update Now Allows Users to Share Specific Part of Podcasts

Spotify recently announced that it is making it easier for users to share their favorite track or podcast episode with friends through social media.

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