Saturday, May 28, 2022 | 04:08 am
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Tag: Play Store

Google’s Tweaking The Play Store To Make It Better For Tablets And Folding Phones

Google has been giving tablets and larger-screen phones a lot of attention recently.

Google Removes Popular Android Apps That Stole Facebook Passwords

Google banned all the app developers from the store, although that might not be much of a deterrent when the perpetrators can create new developer accounts.

Google Will Now Consider Letting Your Video, Music or Book App Evade Its 30 Percent Cut

It’s not clear whether these apps will be able to skirt Google’s in-app billing system, something Apple’s program allows.

These Are the Best Apps of 2020, by Google and Apple

Whether it is the mighty Play Store from Google or the unbeatable App Store by Apple, everyone has announced their “Best Apps of 2020.” Let’s take a look. 

Google May Soon Let You Compare Apps on Play Store

Google is experimenting with a feature that lets users compare different apps on the Googe Play Store.

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