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Tag: Oracle

Oracle Executive’s Twitter Account Blocked Over Reporter Doxxing

Twitter said Glueck’s account is banned from posting until he deletes the offending tweet, then is subject to a 12-hour time-out period.

Google Will Stop Using Oracle’s Finance Software and Adopt SAP Instead

Google parent Alphabet plans in the coming weeks to stop using Oracle financial software and instead start using software from SAP, CNBC has learned

U.S. Supreme Court Backs Google Over Oracle in Major Copyright Case

Oracle and Google, two California-based technology giants with combined annual revenues of more than $175 billion.

Google, Oracle Pledge Open Cloud To Ease Lock-In Concerns

Rush to digitalise has pushed businesses to move to the cloud amidst concerns about vendor lock-in.

Using Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Get started with using Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Is Headed to Texas Now, Too

Austinites, watch out; another tech company is headed into town.

Here’s the Latest Version of Oracle GraalVM

This white paper provides an overview and analyzes the features of Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition 20.1. Get started now!

Oracle Raises the Stakes in the Next-Generation Computing Platform Market , Here’s How

The next-generation computing platform is here. Read our white paper to explore the top 6 market trends defining the next-generation computing platforms.

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