Thursday, August 5, 2021 | 05:42 pm


Nvidia Gives Health Researchers Access to UK Supercomputer

Nvidia Corp said it opened the fastest UK supercomputer to outside researchers that include both academic scientists and commercial firms.

Nvidia Acquires Hi-Def Mapping Startup DeepMap to Bolster AV Technology

Chipmaker Nvidia is acquiring DeepMap, the high-definition mapping startup announced. The company said its mapping IP will help Nvidia’s autonomous vehicle technology sector, Nvidia...

Nvidia Announces New RTX 3080 Ti, Priced at $1,199 and Launching June 3rd

Nvidia is making the RTX 3080 Ti available worldwide on June 3rd, priced from $1,199.

Nvidia Made $5 Billion During a GPU Shortage and Expects to Do It Again in Q1

It hasn’t changed its outlook on GPU availability.

Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Graphics Card Will Go On Sale February 25

Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 3060 graphics card finally has a release date: The company plans on officially selling the product on Thursday, Feb. 25th. In an...

Chip Giants Intel and Nvidia Face New Threats From Amazon to Google to Apple

Custom chip making has exploded at large tech companies, driven by expanding balance sheets and the growth of AI.

Nvidia Is Bringing Fortnite Back to iOS With New Cloud Gaming Web App

Nvidia joins Microsoft in bypassing Apple’s App Store.

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