Thursday, August 5, 2021 | 06:45 pm
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Netflix Is Developing a Live-Action Pokémon Series

'Lucifer' co-showrunner Joe Henderson is on board as a writer and producer, according to 'Variety.'

Netflix Snags Former EA, Oculus Exec to Lead Its Video Game Efforts

Netflix has hired Mike Verdu as its vice president of game development reporting to COO Greg Peters. Know more.

Amazon Locks Down Some Exclusive Streaming Rights for Universal Movies

Amazon has struck a multi-year deal for exclusive Prime Video streaming rights for Universal's live-action theatrical releases.

Netflix Confirms Castlevania Spin-Off Series In The Works

The fourth season of the Castlevania animated series on Netflix was confirmed to be the last, but it was also reported that Netflix was interested...

Netflix Tests the ‘Play Something’ Button on Mobile, Starting with Android

Netflix fully rolled out its Play Something button on TVs, providing viewers a quick shortcut to bypass the decision-making process entirely.

Amazon Brings James Bond, Rocky to Fight Netflix with $8.5 Bln MGM Buy

Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O)will buy MGM, the fabled U.S. movie studio home to the James Bond franchise, for $8.45 billion.

Evidence Is Piling Up That Netflix Wants to Be the Netflix of Games

The Information had the first report on Friday, writing that Netflix wants to hire an executive to oversee new gaming efforts.

Netflix’s Subscriber Numbers Fall Off from 2020’s Boom

With 208 million customers, growth is slowing as the competition gets stronger.

Comcast May Pull Universal Movies From Netflix to Boost Its Peacock Offering

It's also debating a hybrid model that lets it share films with another service.

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