Sunday, August 1, 2021 | 11:33 am
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Tag: MacBook

Global Chip Shortage Hits iPad and MacBook Production, Says Report

Apple has not been spared the effects of the ongoing global component shortage, according to a new report in Nikkei. Know more.

Apple Releases MacOS Update to Prevent Damage From Third-party Docks and Dongles

11.2.2 looks to prevent an issue that was killing newer MacBook Airs and Pros.

Apple Plans Upgraded MacBook Pros With Return of Magnetic Charging

Apple is also planning a redesigned MacBook Air, but that is not expected to be released until long after the next MacBook Pros.

Apple Patent Reveals MacBook That Can Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone and Apple Watch

A pair of new patents granted to Apple has furthered speculation we may one day be able to charge devices like the iPhone and...

Apple Announces November 10 Event for “One More Thing”

Today Apple unveiled that it's holding another launch event, this time on November 10, for 'one more thing'.

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