Sunday, August 1, 2021 | 10:24 am
Tags Lockdown

Tag: Lockdown

Gartner: Q3 Smartphone Sales Down 5.7% to 366M, Stemming COVID-19 Declines Earlier This Year

New numbers from Gartner point to some recovery for the smartphone market as vendors roll out a raft of new 5G handsets.

Apple’s French and UK Stores Switch to Express Pickups As Lockdowns Begin

With lockdowns starting today in the UK and last week in France, Apple Stores in those countries are switching gears.

Twitch Announces Virtual ‘GlitchCon’ After Canceling TwitchCon 2020

With travel lockdowns being put into place, a lot of fans wouldn’t be able to make the trip to an actual TwitchCon.

Complaints to TIO Continue to Rise With Spike From SMBs

The number of complaints to the TIO is now at its highest level for five quarters.

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