Thursday, July 29, 2021 | 11:57 am
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LG’s Rollable OLED R TV Is Available in the US, If You Can Afford One

Three years after its splashy CES 2019 debut, LG's rollable OLED R TV is finally available in the US — just don't expect to find one at your local Best Buy.

LG Confirms It’s Getting Out of the Smartphone Business

LG is exiting the smartphone business, the company confirmed today.

LG Looking to Shut Down Phone Business Instead of Selling It, Report Says

It follows reports earlier this year the company is looking to offload its phone business and its upcoming rollable phone.

LG Will License Its WebOS Software to Other TV Brands

The modern webOS is no longer exclusive to LG’s TV lineup.

LG Says Not Scrapping Plan to Launch a Smartphone With a Rollable Display

LG Electronics has denied a media report that said the company may scrap a plan to develop a smartphone with a rollable display.

LG Considers Exiting Smartphones in 2021

LG is considering exiting the smartphone market in 2021. After losing around $4.5 billion over the past five years, LG’s smartphone business has been...

LG Display Announces Its Smallest OLED TV Panel Yet

The lineup includes a 42-inch panel, the smallest TV-sized OLED yet from LG Display.

What to Expect From the First-Ever Virtual CES

Last year's CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, marked the last time for a long time many of us would be chatting face-to-face, exchanging invisible respiratory...

The LG Wing’s Dual Screens Get a Little Easier to Use in a New Software Update

LG’s screen-swiveling Wing was one of the most interesting looking smartphones of 2020, but its unique design was held back by poor software support. A new software...

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