Sunday, August 1, 2021 | 11:49 am
Tags Lawsuit

Tag: Lawsuit

Trump Sues Twitter and Facebook for Banning Him

Donald Trump today sued Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, & their CEOs, claiming that all three companies are guilty of "impermissible censorship".

Record Labels Sue Another ISP, Demanding Mass Disconnections of Internet Users

The major record labels yesterday filed another lawsuit demanding that an Internet service provider terminate subscribers for alleged copyright violations. 

Parler Founder Claims GOP Donor, Others Defamed Him and ‘Hijacked’ the App to Advance Their Interests

John Matze said in a lawsuit he was fired for trying to tone down extremism on the site.

Judge Rules Google Has to Face Lawsuit That Claims It Tracks Users Even in Incognito Mode

The plaintiffs allege Google collects personal data even if users put privacy controls in place.

TikTok to Pay $92M to Settle Lawsuit Over Data Privacy

TikTok collected private and biometric data from users, the lawsuit alleges.

Tesla Sues Former Employee for Allegedly Stealing Software

The company says the software engineer moved company files to his personal Dropbox.

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