Saturday, June 19, 2021 | 03:31 am
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Tag: IoT

Silicon Labs Expands IoT Wireless Portfolio With Wi-SUN Technology

Silicon Labs has announced a new standards-driven Wi-SUN technology, that will help to open the door to new Internet of Things (IoT) market opportunities.

Uniting Quality and PLM in Medical Device

Access this insightful Aberdeen research report on achieving higher quality with PLM in the medical device industry.

Woodside Uses Cloud to Reduce Seismic Data Processing Time Down to 90 Minutes

Using the AWS cloud, Woodside Energy has reduced the 10-day supercomputer processing time down to 90 minutes.

The Best Artificial Intelligence Intentions Are Hitting Corporate Walls

AI teams not only need to have cutting-edge skillsets to build, test and refine AI models and applications, but they also need to step up as transformational leaders, a new study finds.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy to Succeed in Today’s Digital World

Want to build a strong data foundation for your enterprise? Read on to explore the perfect hybrid cloud strategy to succeed in today's digital world.

OpenText Special Edition on Identity of Things

OpenText presents the ultimate reference guide to Identity of Things. Assess your IDoT knowledge with now.

Here’s the Next-Generation Cognitive Enterprise Business Strategy

Are you prepared for the future led by cognitive enterprise? Read on to explore the success formula to create a perfect cognitive enterprise strategy.

Meet the AI-Enabled Salesforce Einstein

Explore the excellent benefits and features of Salesforce Einstein - packed with advanced AI capabilities to meet your daily business needs.

5 Brilliant Uses of Smart Moon Camera

Smart bulbs, smart fans, smart cameras, and what not! Today one in every 10,000 homes is a ‘Smart Home.' What are smart homes you ask? Smart...

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