Sunday, June 20, 2021 | 10:17 am
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Twitter’s iOS App Confirms $3 ‘Twitter Blue’ Subscription

It appears Twitter may have unintentionally confirmed its plans for a subscription service. A $2.99/month in-app purchase for “Twitter Blue”

LeBron James Appears to Be Wearing a Pair of Unreleased Beats Earbuds

LeBron James couldn't wait to try out a pair of the Beats Studio Buds. MacRumors has been all over the wire-free in-ears.

Foldable iPhone With A Screen Larger Than An iPad Mini Coming In 2023, Top Apple Analyst Predicts

A top Apple analyst predicts that the company will likely launch a foldable iPhone in 2023.

Apple Watch Can Monitor the Frailty of Cardiovascular Patients at Home

Apple Watch can accurately gauge frailty (or rather, the distance traveled in a six-minute walk) of cardiovascular disease patients while they're at home.

Zuckerberg: Facebook May Actually Be in a ‘Stronger Position’ After Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Changes

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday said he is confident the social media company “will be able to manage through” Apple’s upcoming privacy changes.

“Expert” Hackers Used 11 Zerodays to Infect Windows, iOS, and Android Users

A team of advanced hackers used compromised websites to infect fully patched devices running Windows, iOS, and Android, a Google researcher said.

Silver Sparrow Malware Hatched on 30,000 Macs

Discovered by researchers at Red Canary, the malware has been sitting on its hosts waiting for a payload that never arrived.

Google Updates Its iOS YouTube App

Google has provided a bug fix to its iOS YouTube app, the first update to a major Google iOS app since December, 9to5Google reports. Although there’s...

Facebook Prompt Will Encourage Ad Tracking Opt-In Ahead of Apple’s Privacy Push

Facebook will begin showing a prompt on its mobile app for the iPhone and iPad that’s designed to convince users to allow ad tracking,...

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