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US-China Tech War: How This Local Chip Firm Has Taken Off in China As Huawei Still Reels Under US Sanctions

Sales have also been helped after Honor, the budget brand spin-off from Huawei, decided to use Unisoc chips for its latest phone model.

Huawei Launches OS on Smartphones in Challenge to Google Android

Huawei on Wednesday launched its self-developed operating system across a slew of devices, including smartphones. Know more.

US-China Tech War: Huawei’s Chip Unit HiSilicon To See Massive Decline in 5G Chip Market This Year

HiSilicon, which had 23 per cent of the 5G phone chipset market in 2020, is expected to see that share shrink to less than 5 per cent this year.

U.S. Judge Says Huawei Has Not Violated Court Order, but Warns Company Lawyers

Huawei has pleaded not guilty in the case and Meng has said she is innocent.

Huawei Pushes for 5G Mobile Licensing Amid Struggles With US Sanctions

Huawei Technologies revealed its royalty rate for licensing its 5G mobile technology for the first time since the company and other China-based firms were designated as national security threats.

Huawei Ban Timeline: Chinese Company Will Charge Royalties for Its 5G Tech

Here's a breakdown of the controversy surrounding the Chinese phone maker and telecommunications supplier.

US-China Tech War: Huawei Pushes Licensing of 5G Mobile Technology Amid Struggles With Washington’s Trade Sanctions

Telecommunications giant Huawei ‘will not seek a royalty rate higher than US$2.50’ per 5G smartphone.

Huawei Pivots To Fish Farms, Mining After U.S. Blocks Its Phones

The Chinese telecommunications giant is turning to less glamorous alternatives that may eventually offset the decline of its biggest revenue contributor.

Xiaomi National Security Ban Suspended by US Judge

A federal judge temporarily lifts a Defense Department ban on US investments in the China-based phone maker.

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