Wednesday, February 24, 2021 | 06:22 pm
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Tag: Google

Google Has Finally Added iOS’s Privacy Labels to Gmail

Strangely, the labels didn’t come with an update.

Qualcomm Likely to Play Key Role in Jio-Google Budget Smartphone

Qualcomm is likely to play a significant role in the production of Jio-Google budget smartphones which will be rolled out this year.

Google Fires Researcher Margaret Mitchell Amid Chaos in AI Division

The search giant has dismissed both leaders of its Ethical AI team.

Big Tech Could Lose Bargaining Power Under U.S. Bill

The bill would be introduced at a time when Australia is in a fierce battle with Facebook.

‘Digital Colonialism’: Has Big Tech Become the New East India Company

There are only 22 countries in the world the British have not invaded. India too was a British colony between 1858 and 1947.

Facebook Blocks News Sharing in Australia As Google Strikes Deal With News Corp.

Facebook and Google have seemingly taken two different routes to tackle the predicament that they are currently facing in Australia.

U.S. Conservatives Crow As Big Tech Censorship Spreads To Press in Australia

Australia’s proposed law to make tech giants pay for the news articles shared on their networks has Google and Facebook doing a good cop/bad cop routine.

Australia Trying To ‘Stick It’ to Tech: US Analyst

Australia is pushing ahead with a law that will force Facebook and Google to pay news outlets for content.

Tech Giants Dominate As REBA Unveils, Top 10 US Corporate Renewables Buyers

The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, which released its second annual Deal Tracker Top 10 report, found that tech giants continued to dominate corporate offtaking in 2020.

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