Monday, January 17, 2022 | 06:09 am
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Google Loses Sonos Smart Speakers Patent Fight

Smart-speaker firm Sonos has won a major legal battle against Google over patents it said the firm had infringed.

The Cameras on the Oneplus 10 Pro May Not Even Be Strong Enough to Compete With Google

After announcing the OnePlus 10 Pro earlier this week, OnePlus has been slowly dribbling out more details about its upcoming flagship phone.

Google’s YouTube TV Reaches Deal To Restore Access to Disney Channels

YouTube began restoring access to Walt Disney Co channels on its platform on Sunday after the distribution agreement. Know more.

The CEOs of Many Major US Tech Companies Are Indians, And We’re Here To Discuss Why That May Be So

Indians working in info-tech companies is in and of itself a massive stereotype and one that can prove to be troubling on occasion.

Google Is Making Its First In-House Smartwatch That Could Launch In 2022

Google is finally making its in-house smartwatch that’s set to launch in 2022.

Google Explains Why the Pixel 6’s Fingerprint Scanner May Be Sluggish

Until Google decides to resurrect face unlock, which had its own security flaws, you’ll just have to resort to typing in your PIN.

India Will Get This $87 JioPhone Next Instead Of The Pixel 6

The JioPhone Next is designed by Google for the massive Indian smartphone market.

Google Rolls Out Tool To Help Minors Delete Photos From Search

Some experts applauded Google's latest move to give minors more control over images, noting their removal could also cut down on cyber-bullying or prevent potentially harmful information or photos from persisting online.

Tencent’s WeChat Makes Content Searchable on Google and Bing

Tencent's WeChat has made its content searchable on some foreign search engines such as Alphabet-owned Google and Microsoft's Bing

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